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We make it simple – Once you request your amount of Hashing power we will setup and run all the rigs needed to satisfy your needs, as soon we have it working you will start earning your coins.

Don't Worry about the Hardware

Stop worrying about what to buy, how to assembly, the hot, the power needs, noisy computers at home, we have everything solved for you, just let us know how much you need and we will provide it.

Ethereum Mining Available

You can mine any currency available in our public catalog, however if you have any special need our customer service team can help fit your needs, we can mine a cryptocurrency that is not in our catalogue, everything is possible since the future is NOW!.

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You can get your daily payouts of your investment in a dedicated wallet you might have configured, if you don’t know what is a wallet, free advisory can be provided by us, Just try Adenter Mining today and you will see what we call Peace of Mind.


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We are an dedicated team of engineers, financial and business owners who put everything on this project with the with of evolve the world.

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We help the world get decentralized.


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2 Years Ethereum Mining*
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Real Statistics.


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2 Years Ethereum Mining *
No maintenance fee.
Real Statistics


Large 100 MH/s
2 Years Ethereum Mining*.
No Maintenance Fee.
Real Statistics.
Blog News

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<h1>Circle CEO To Join Lunch With Justin Sun and Warren Buffett</h1>

Just a week before the "Power Lunch" between Tron founder Justin Sun and crypto skeptic/billionaire Warren Buffett, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has been added to the guest list, making up one of the possible seven guests who will be attending.
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<h1>Facebook’s ‘Oops, My Bad’ Approach To The Libra Launch</h1>

What became abundantly clear during Facebook's congressional hearings this week was that representatives on both sides of the floor were having none of Facebook asking for permission to launch Libra following its past "move fast and break stuff" mental...
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<h1>Wrapped Bitcoin Locks Up 550 Bitcoin</h1>

Acting similarly to a US-based stablecoin being backed by the US dollar, wrapped bitcoin, an Ethereum-based token backed by bitcoin and pegged to its value, has locked up 550 bitcoin in its protocol.
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<h1>Chinese ‘Internet Court’ Rules Bitcoin Protected By Property Laws</h1>


After a plaintiff sued a closed exchange for not returning their bitcoin, a judge in Hangzhou’s Internet Court in eastern China ruled that bitcoin should be thought of as virtual internet property and is therefore subject to China's property laws.

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<h1>CFTC Investigates US Trading On BitMEX</h1>

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has launched an investigation into crypto exchange BitMEX for reportedly allowing US citizens to trade on the platform despite not being registered with the CFTC.
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<h1>Alphabets Of Blockchain: Zcash Prepares For Ycash Hard Fork</h1>

Zcash's upcoming hard fork will produce a nearly identical codebase for a new blockchain, dubbed Ycash, which will act as a Zcash competitor.
We've got you covered.

We have invested time and huge amount of effort to create an secure and reliable infrastructure to avoid you waste money for any possible downtime.

Adenter takes care of the Cooling and electrical lines.

In Adenter I don’t have to worry about Hashing power, it is always 100%. Down Time is taking care of, this also include, Cooling, Electrical Power, Hardware and Software.

I don’t have to worry which Hardware to buy, Sowtware to use, drivers to install, not even the pools to which I have to connect, Adenter does all that work for me.

If any Graphic card is damaged, Adenter takes care of the guarantee

Special Thanks for the Ethereum project that provides all the technology and amazing minds that make this project real.

We appreciate our partner that makes possible that our users exchange their coins securely.

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