XRP isn’t helping Western Union cut costs.

Language specific to cryptocurrency may be erased from proposed Russian laws that are undergoing a second round of review by the State Duma.

On June 12, US legislators introduced the FIND bill, which proposes a study on how virtual currencies are being used to buy, sell, and facilitate sex and drug trafficking. If it passes, let’s hope the study is carried out with more nuance than previous legislation aimed at sex trafficking.


Although it has been reported by several outlets that Walmart was just awarded a patent on a blockchain-based method and system for managing demand on an electric grid, there is no such news to report. Here’s what we actually know.


Marty, we’re going back to the futures!

Ripple, the cryptocurrency answer to the real-time remittance, payment, and settlement problem, admits that a blockchain global payment solution may not be ready for prime time.
Hearings began Thursday in the case against My Big Coin, the cryptocurrency company that the CFTC has accused of defrauding investors of $6 million. But the attorneys for My Big Coin claim the CFTC has no authority to regulate the cryptocurrency company.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

<h1>EOS Blockchain Is Live</h1>

After prolonged uncertainty, the embattled blockchain platform is now active and ready to use.

Now that cryptocurrency laws and regulations have been put into place, Thailand’s SEC is ready to approve ICO fundraising.