On Wednesday, the SEC filed civil charges in the federal district court in Manhattan against BitFunder and its operator Jon E. Montroll. The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York also filed a complaint in a parallel criminal case against Montroll for perjury and obstruction of justice.


Omise will work with the Thai government on a project to help online service providers verify users’ identities.

In light of anti-money laundering efforts, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance is turning its attention toward virtual currency businesses. A draft decree lays out comprehensive registration and reporting requirements.
According to an MoU signed by the premier of Montserrat, the eight island economies comprising the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union may have a central bank-issued cryptocurrency in their future.
Initially issued as a draft in January, the final version of a circular on taxation and cryptocurrencies has been handed down by the Israeli Tax Authority.
Last week, ING Group apparently confirmed its banking relationship with Bitfinex and Tether. This has raised questions in the Dutch parliament.
Indian professionals trying to keep pace with an ever-changing landscape of technology may soon benefit from an initiative aimed at retraining the workforce.
Three laws aimed at regulating and promoting innovation within the blockchain space are expected to be submitted to the Maltese Parliament in early March.
The Cowboy State is staking yet another cryptocurrency claim in its state legislature, its third since last December.
Regulators in the UK and US will establish a coalition to work together to share information between FinTech-related agencies.